Interplanetary Space Commission Passport


Name: Poof Alexander Menander

Age: 1.02 Jupiter years/12 Earth years

Weight: 315.9 Jupiter pounds/135 Earth pounds

Planet of Origin: Jupiter/Gas Giant

Jupiter FAQs

  • Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun.
  • Jupiter has 63 known moon, the largest of which is named Ganymede and is the largest moon in our solar system.
  • The atmosphere on Jupiter is characterized by fascinating cloud patterns and turbulent storms. A red spot can be seen and is a violent on-going storm that has been raging on for years and years. The atmosphere is made up of mostly hydrogen and helium.
  • The "weather" on Jupiter is cloudy and violently stormy and windy.
  • Temperatures on Jupiter fluctuate but a rough estimate is around 9,000 degrees C.

A Day in the Life of Jupiter

  • It Takes 4331 Earth days for Jupiter to revolve around the sun.
  • Jupiter rotates about every 10 hours.
  • The length of one day on Jupiter is 9 hours or 546 minutes.
  • The length of a year on Jupiter is 11.86 Earth years.
  • Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It has a radius of 43,441 miles

Interesting Facts

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. If Earth were size of a nickel then jupiter would be the size of a basketball. Many space missions have visited Jupiter and its moons. The Juno Mission will arrive at Jupiter in the year 2016. Jupiter's core is hotter than the surface of the sun!!! Jupiter's Great Red Spot is a huge, violent storm that is bigger than three Earths. This storm has been going on for hundreds of years now.

Alien Discription

My alien has a gas relief box to keep unwanted gas in the body at a minimum. The tin foil is for reflecting the suns harmful rays. The tape is for direct protection against rock particles. The weird red thing is used for transportation. The fake eye is for seeing. The hair is for scalp protection. Finally the balloon is to keep her in the upper section of Jupiter so she doesn't burn.


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3 years ago

Very Creative! But lacks a few required (minor) details.

3 years ago

Cool project. One question... Where did you get the hair? o.O