People are Not for Sale

International trades touch everyone. All around the world, we drink, eat, and even wear clothes made in other countries. Unfortunately, not all exchanges are innocent and harmless like the ones listed above. Human trafficking is a trade, most likely of young girls and woman, for the purpose of sexual slavery, the extraction of organs or tissues or providing a spouse in a forced marriage. In fact, it is sadly the second largest criminal enterprise after drugs and one of the fastest-growing. It must stop now! Denounced as a violation of human rights by international conventions, many prevention stratégies have been created to fight this activity, mostly in Turkey, since it is one of the major destinations for human trafficking.

Indeed, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), with the help of funding from other countries, has been enforcing projects, like “Assistance to Victims of Trafficking in Turkey” or “Supporting Turkey’s efforts to Combat Human Trafficking and Promote Access to Justice for all Trafficked Persons”. With the help and financing of these two programmes, IOM Turkey has put in motion notional and international campaigns to inform the citizens of this crime. Indeed, one of their largest resolution was media and advertising campaigns. Many awareness commercials are now aired on Turkish TV channels, as well as advertising banners displayed on travelling buses and sometimes during professional football matches to promote the “157 Helpline”. This telephone line was at first founded by the US Government in order to report human trafficking activities and help the victims. Since it has proven to be a very useful prevention and assistance tool for the Turkish, Turkey has launched its own “157 Helpline”. Statistics say that since 2005, this line has saved 165 trafficking victims. Furthermore, the creation, in 2008, of “The Declaration of Istanbul on organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism” has been a very important effort in the recognition of human rights.

Even though facts about this trafficking activity in Turkey look bad, we hope that these good resulations will help prevent the expansion of this violation and, maybe one day, stop it for good.

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