Summer Of Inventions-                                       A Historical Fiction Story                                           By: Savannah S.


    It was a hot summer day in California in the year of 1987. My dad, the best inventor there is here in Cali, is supposed to be home any minute now. He works way on the other side of town, so he normally gets home around now, which is about 4 o'clock. I had just got done playing outside when I heard the door open and a deep voice say "Kendall! I'm home with supper!" I hop off the couch and hurry downstairs. "Coming, dad!" I spit out as a rush down the stairs. Our house is a pretty big one, it's about 3 stories high with a grand entrance in the middle of the country part of Cali. There used to be a lot of people that lived in the country, but things called highways were invented not to long ago. These highways go straight passed the country, and go straight to the city, causing more people to go and live in the city. Some people don't even know that the small country towns even exist! The highways are covering up the country and so hardly anyone comes back here! A lot of our neighbors have left because they think our neighborhood looks like a "ghost town''. But we still have a lot of people in our neighborhood, so I don't know why they said that. The houses in our neighborhood actually look pretty old to me. They all have vines growing on the sides of them and look sort of historic, while our house is brand new. We have lived in our house for about a few months, and I still get lost in the hallways.

    As I sit down at the table, I hear my dad grumble, "I need new ideas.... I can't think of anything...." Then he takes a bite out of his sandwhich. "I have some ideas for inventing! I could help you out, dad!" I say excitedly. My dad begins to stroke my long, curly brown hair and looks into my light blue eyes. "Sweetie, you're just a kid. You don't know anything about inventing." he says, softly. Now, I am angry. Why does he have to deny my ideas everytime I mention them? Why won't he at least just look at them? "I am 12, dad. I'm not a little kid anymore! Just give me a chance!" I yell out. My skin goes blood red. I never get this mad, but my dad is really pushing it. I normally am pale white, I don't know how I got so red. My dad puts his hand in his shiny, brown hair. He always does this when he is stressed or gets mad. In this case, he is more than likely doing it because he is mad. But I don't really care. Then, I look back at him. His light green eyes focus on me. ''Sweetie, please understand that these inventions are not easy to make, they take time. So, if your inventions are just simple little things, those will not succeed. Your ideas must be big! So, think big! I will look at some of your inventions after supper. Do not disappoint me!" By saying this, I get nervous. What if he won't like my ideas? What if my ideas are ''not big enough''? I don't think I have ever been so excited or nervous in my entire life.

   After supper, I lead my dad to my room. My room has lacey curtains with yellow walls. I'm not a big fan of my room, but my dad says I can renovate it soon. As soon as we get to my room, I drag out my portfolio that is filled with my inventions. My dad opens the portfolio, taking out one paper at a time, then neatly placing it back where it was. Every now and then I hear him say "Mmmhhhmm... interesting" in a whisper voice. This gives me hope he likes the ideas. After he reads all my ideas, he gives me a hug and says ''Your inventions are incredible. I am so, so sorry, Kendall, that I doubted your skills before. Hmmm, how about I take you to my lab and we can start working on an invention, tomorrow? You can choose which one you want to start with." I cannot believe my ears. Did he really just say that I can come to his lab? He never lets anyone in his lab except for people that come to look at his work and are considering using his inventions! "Thank you so much, dad! I cannot wait to start!" I say, full of excitement. He gives me a genuine smile. I do the same back to him. Then, I head up to my room and check the time. "Woah," I say in my head. "It is already 10 o'clock? Looking at inventions must take a long time! I need to go to bed!" And with that note, I get ready for bed and then finally go to sleep in my soft, cozy bed.

   The next morning, I wake up to a teenager's beat box playing outside at 9 o'clock. Beat boxes are basically boxes that play music very loudly, and they are a new invention. Everyone has one, except me of course. All of the sudden, I smell food. I get dressed and hurry downstairs for breakfast. Dad always starts making breakfast around 8:30 in the morning, so normally around 9 he is done making it and ready to serve it. When I get to the table, my dad has practically made a feast for breakfast! There are eggs, bacon, grits, milk, orange juice, toast, jelly, cereal, and so much more food that I didn't know what it was, but it looked good!

    After dad and I finish eating, we head to his lab and pull out my ideas. My dad's lab is just a few minutes away.  "So, which one are you thinking you want to create first?" dad asks, curiously. "Hmmmm, maybe this one?" I say while pointing to a design in my portfolio. It was a picture of an object that looked like a plastic, clear popper thing that you push it to where it is impressed and it will pop back up a few seconds later. But it looked different than most of those poppers since it was clear. "This invention will be a hit! Everyone will want a pair! I am so glad you didn't want to invent any type of technology, because that will take a while and everyone is making some sort of technology these days!" My dad squeals. He is right. In the past few years, all the things that have been invented is technology. It is honestly kind of annoying. ''We will sell them for an expensive price, but not too expensive so a bunch of people will still buy them!" he says excitedly, jumping up and down. And before you know it, the next big thing hits the market, selling out in stores faster than anyone had ever seen- the disposable contact lense.