Mr.Smith and Ms. LoPiccolo

Neon is a chemical element it was discovered in 1898 by Sir William Ramsay  it has a mass of 20.1797 . the symbol for neon is Ne .  Neon is  in the noble gases family.

number of isotopes : Ne-20, Ne-21,Ne-22   

Atomic number : 10

Atomic mass: 10

Proton number: 10

the periodic table tells you witch group the element is in and it tells you how many protons, neutrons and electrons are in the element.

the first energy shell is 2 electrons

the second energy shell is 8 electrons

What neon is most used for is advertising signs. Neon is also used to make  high voltage indicators. It is also combined with helium to make helium neon lasers. Neon is also used for glow lamps. Neon is colorless ,odorless, and tasteless.

Neon was the first element shown to consist  of more than one stable isotope.


-  it was discovered in England

- neon has no stable compounds

-  0.0018 percent of earths atmosphere is neon


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