The Harry Potter Alliance

The purpose of this PUBLIC INTEREST GROUP is to promote literacy, human rights, and equality through activism and stories.

There are chapters on five continents, in over twenty four countries, and forty two states.

The Harry Potter Alliance has volunteers and chapters that work together through DIRECT CONTACT to achieve their goals. LOBBYISTS work to promote the alliances interests. For example, the Harry Potter brand chocolate is made using slave child labor so the group lobbies Warner Brothers to end this practice. Most of the lobbying used in their campaigns is OUTSIDE LOBBYING. This group does not provide any SELECTIVE BENEFITS or MATERIAL BENEFITS. Although, when the group achieves their goals people receive PUBLIC GOODS and PURPOSIVE BENEFITS.


Since this is a MULTI-ISSUE INTEREST GROUP they work towards multiple goals. Getting rid of child slave labor in the cacao/chocolate industry, fighting against economic inequality, promoting literacy, fight against marriage inequality

This group has many PATRONS including LeakyCon, The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, and The Roddick Foundation. Having many investors means that people are willing to invest their money in the group, so they have some success

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