Social Media

Major Media Channels:

Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Vine, Google+


Facebook is the number one most used blog site on the internet. Founded on February 4, 2004, Facebook has over 1 billion users, and continues to grow in our day-to-day activities.

Many people would use Facebook to chat with people in different countries (via an IMS, Instant Messenger Service), as well as posting news, following people and posting comical memes and gifs.

The 'wall' on Facebook has many things that people would share to others, from photos, their current status, videos and the ability to follow and 'like' people.


Founded in March 2006, Twitter has long since gained over 500 million followers. Lots of people have since "tweeted" about millions of things in their lives, from films, activities and people.

Having held a record for the most amount of tweets in a second at 143, 199 for an airing of Castle in the Sky by tweeting the word "balse".

Twitter has a lot of tweets on their wall about 'crazy and weird' things, but most of the information on it is completely useful to people and to get updates in any parts of the world.

Specialist Sites

Media sites that have some contrast to specialist areas, e.g. photography, gaming, music.

The most popular specialist sites would revolve around music and videos.


The most popular site used for music and videos, YouTube has over 750  million visits per day, mainly to listen to favourite artists and music from the current or past generations.

With lots of videos and teasers on the main screen, YouTube also has to keep up to date about the latest films and music videos. 'Recommended to watch' is sometimes to most popular area when people sometimes get bored and need a change, and with some as comical statuses or different types of music.


DeviantART is an online community in which users can post their own creations. From July 2011, it was seen as the 13th most popular social media site across the internet with over 28 million members posting over 265 million images.

Why do we use social media?


  1. To stay in touch with friends and colleagues.
  2. To stay up-to-date with recent events.
  3. To fill up spare time.
  4. To find funny or entertaining content.
  5. To share opinions on things.
  6. To share videos and photos with others


The risks of using social media is that cyber bullying can occur amongst anyone, despite their age and gender. As well, we also have disclosure of sharing personal information about ourselves that people may get access to. Or people may send spam, with an increased risk of viruses with them to steal personal information.

Engaging with an audience via social media

LinkedIn is mainly used for professional networking so it wouldn't be acceptable for any other purposes e.g. social communication. if social communication was necessary, either Facebook would be acceptable or an alternative site may be used.

The general public would aim to find ways to connect with other people in different areas and would want to be able to communicate with them for sharing work or simply for sharing their own posts. They would mainly do this through a site like Facebook or through Skype.

To identify and grow a business that would be used for a small business or for a self employed person, you can set up a small page on Facebook to describe and share the business to close friends or mainly to general public to view.

Finding a common audience who share the same views as you is essential in all types of business or mainly for contacts. Google+ can be used to find sites and interests that other people share and is used for discussions or for their general use.

Engaging with the target audience can be used to create small conversationalist groups, to create links between other social media sites, personalisation of a mainstream site, asking for content and discussions.

Setting up a personal social media account

Setting up an account would mean to go through a registration process for creating a personal name, pages, privacy and social settings etc.

Customising the account that you have newly created would also mean having to add a personal photo, a biography about yourself, media (photos and videos), managing tags and admins to your area and creating/joining groups.

On occasions, you may find yourself wanting to connect with other people, and the best way to do that is by looking for common interests that is equal to you. You can also search for relevant people who are friends and family or just casual people in a group.

Starting and following a conversation can't be possible unless you create a group and add people to it. They may have an ability to ask or answer questions, to post adverts on the site, call for action or the support of something that someone needs help with. Many people would also take to greeting people, express an opinion or even make a joke (not to offend them).

To add interesting things from other sites, you will have to create links or add videos or pictures to the site. Many times, people put comical pictures up that proves no point of being here, and others would put memes on the site to distract people from their daily life. This would have to be used to continue a conversation and to engage with the other people for their own opinions.

Noting responses from any posts you create would seem like a hard idea, but mainly you can just see by how many "likes" it would get after a while, or by using another type of tool to monitor the progress of the posts.

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