When your 80 year old Grandma wants to know why you're single

My Grandma is wonderful and loving woman. What my Grandma is not you ask? A patient woman. I have been single for 21 years of my life (note:that's all of my life) and the first question she asks always is along the lines of, "Is anyone in love with you yet?" My typical response is no, because my love life consists of movie nights and snuggling with my best friends on a futon. What she doesn't understand is I love that about my life right now.

Recently, I told myself I should start answering this question with yes. "But, Les, you don't have a bf!" That's okay, because I'm in love with me. I am aware of how narcissistic this sounds but after struggling with the loss of myself for quite some time-it's cool with me.

3 Reasons it's okay to love yourself:

1. You're totally awesome and a great listener to your own thoughts. Seriously, when you catch yourself talking and all alone, do not think you're crazy. It's healthy to hear your own thoughts out loud and clear your head. So go ahead-let the world hear your brilliant ideas.

2. Without a significant other, you probably have plenty of time to make sure your friends are happy and healthy. You probably are the friend who calls your friends to check up on that doctors appointment they had. You probably are the friend who noticed a pal was a little down in the dumps so you bought them some chocolate. You deserve a pat on the back so here it is: Go you-you're a great friend!

3. As cliche as it is-if you don't love yourself and all of the weird flaws you have (mine just happen to be thumbs shaped like toes) then how can someone else find the beauty in them?

Before you leave the house every morning look in the mirror, tell yourself how fabulous you are and don't let the day run you (you run the day)!