Industrialization Project

By: Thailor Sysounthone, Carter Mayer, Briella Zoino

Cotton Gin

The Cotton Gin was invented by Eli Whitney and used in the business of making cotton. What it did was make it faster and easier to remove the cotton seeds from the cotton itself. It was useful back when it was used because you could spin more cloth for clothing, blankets, etc. Therefore making more profit for the people who sold those items.

Nowadays, in modern times we have huge machine who take the whole process and do it even faster and much easier, but more expensive.

Interchangeable Parts

Interchangeable Parts wasn't much of an invention as it was an innovation. The idea sprung up with Eli Whitney, Honoré LeBlanc, and Samuel Bentham. For Whitney he wanted to be able to produce a mass amount of Cotton Gins' and so he made many of the same parts. LeBlanc and Bentham both had the idea for guns and if they could make more of the same parts they could make more and more guns for the army.

We use the same idea nowadays with cars, toys, furniture, electronics, etc. Basically almost anything Manufactured along conveyor lines.

Steam Engine / Locomotive

The Steam Engine was a motor for the Locomotive (Train). The Steam Engine helped move the Locomotive with Pistons that created power to move the wheels of the Train. And all it took was steam from water and the pressure that it created.

Because the Steam Engine was created it helped People move across the U.S. faster, easier, and cheaper. People could also send things much faster like clothing and crops.

In modern times we evolved the Steam Engine to coal and electric powered trains that go much faster and can get you or your supplies from Point A to Point B in no time.

Assembly Lines

Assembly Lines are exactly what they sound like. They used to be a line of people assembling things. They used them in mostly factories because people needed jobs and owners need to have more people to put everything together.

In car factories today they have these massive robotic arms that do the work of a person much faster and quicker, but not cheaper unfortunately because you have to fix these machines.

Transistor / Transmitter  

The transistor/transmitter was invented by Heinrich Hertz in 1887. It sends out a radio waves producing electrical impulses to produce sound or an action.

The transistor allowed us to send electrical impulses to a device to do something or to send sound to a speaker. without the transistor we would not have radios and speakers. Nor would we be able to control thing from a far such as a RC car or a remote. the transmitter is important because it allows us to send the electric impulses to do those things.


The microchip was invented in 1958 by Jack Kilby. This enables us to use all are technology fitting all the necessary components (transmitter, capacitors, etc) is a little chip.

The microchip allowed us to shrink our technology to the size of today. It shrinks all the necessary transmitters and other components down to a little chip. Without this we would still be stuck with computers as big as a classroom. Without the microchip we could not have the mobile technology today.


The telegraph was invented by Samuel Morse in the 1830s. People are able to communicate by sending a pulse through a wire making a sound out the other side. The Telephone invented by Alexander Bell in 1876, replacing the telegraph, sending a voice down the line.

These inventions revolutionized the way we communicate today. They gave us the push to be able to communicate with people around the world. Without this technology we would not be able to communicate they way we do today. It enabled us direct communication with someone else far away.

Television / T.V.

The television was invented in in the 1800s by a number of different inventors. In 1927 Philo Farnsworth made the first working electric TV.

The television was soon bringing entertainment into every home. It went from a big box with few channels to a hd flatscreen with thousands of channels. The television revolutionized the world of entertainment becoming part of our everyday society.

Today we have a TV in every modern living space in the world. We use it to wach movies, tv shows, play games and keep updates on the world. We utilise this amazing piece of technology without a second thought and without it our world of entertainment would be nonexistent.

Automobile / Car

The automobile has helped us in many ways. We can get people, animals, and even goods like food and anything we need basically to a specific place very quickly. Karl Benz made the first ever automobile. There’s steam, electric, and gasoline. Now going into the future, we were using more electric cars, but gasoline cars still dominate until this day. Cars now have all modern touches and can now even drive themselves. But no matter what kind of automobile you have, it can still get you to where you want to be and get there fast. They are used for transporting goods and people use them in their everyday lives. Without automobiles, a good majority of people wouldn't be able to go anywhere without them.

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Cell / Smartphone

ell phones, especially smart phones have improved our lives dramatically and has given people the ability to do things faster, be more creative, and develop almost like a new life style. The first cell phone was invented by Martin Cooper in 1973. If you wanted one in your car, you would have to spend thousands of dollars on equipment just to get the phone to work. Today, the cellphone is a lifestyle. It is an alarm clock, a notebook, a photo editor, and people from all around the world can call and text each other from anywhere.

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The internet has given people the information of anything at their fingertips. People can talk to or research people and things on the other side of the word in the matter of seconds if they wanted to. The internet was invented by Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf. They were American Engineers who were working partners. The internet basically started everything and is connected with anything from cell phones to cars and the radio. The internet allows people all over the world to talk. Most of the time it is for entertainment but it can also be for school, work, and for anything anyone can imagine.

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PC (Personal Computer)

The personal computer lets people have all their information saved and safe on one device. it improved peoples lives from job presentations to anything for entertainment for a while now. The first laptop was invented by 1979 by British Designer Bill Moggridge. The personal computer changed many lives and has continued to grow and change over the last few years. It has gotten lighter and smaller but also faster and more advanced with memory and battery life.

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