Discovery Middle School Theme

We Help Care About Others

I believe that a theme that is present at Discovery is, we help and care about others.  The reason that I think that is because I believe that discovery thinks that helping others really helps, and is not just a cheesy thing to do. In this paragraph I will show you some things that we do to help others. We create flyers in clubs that say, sit with someone at lunch, and help someone when they are struggling.This shows that we care and want to help, it relates to the theme because we are trying to help others by making flyers. Another piece of evidence is that, we have lessons on these types of things. There is an officer that comes in and teaches us about what we can do to help people and make new students feel welcome. This means that we have lessons on subjects that we can do to care and be kind to people. That relates to the theme because we are learning how we can help people on regular school days. Lastly, is that the teachers encourage the students in their classes to help each other out, and to not just work by ourselves. They want us to be open in their classrooms. This relates to the theme because by being open in their classrooms, it means you are collaborating, talking, and helping each other. This paragraph proves that a theme present at Discover Middle School, is that we help and care about others.

This is a quote said by Napoleon Hill. I chose this quote because it explains perfectly why I chose this theme, when you help others you can also help yourself.

This is a video by Kid President that shows how you can change the world by helping and caring for others. It supports my theme because it shows what you can do and what will happen when you care and help others.

This poem that I wrote shows and explains the theme I chose because it shows that helping others is important because it can help you and everyone else around you.

I believe that the theme of Discovery Middle School is we help and care about others. Do you?

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