Niel's Bohr

Discovery year 1913, place of discovery England

Facts about Neil's Bohr

  •   Helped the 1908 Danish soccer team win an Olympic silver medal
  • Had 6 sons, one of whom, age, followed his father into physics
  • Lost two sons
  • Studied with scientist Ernest Rutherford

Neil's Bohr Atomic Theory

Facts of the importance of discovery

  •   Theorize in a series of articles that atoms give off electromagnetic radiation as a result of electrons jumping to different orbit levels, departing from a previously held model espoused by Ernest Rutherford.
  • Bohr believed that each orbit was defined by certain energy, so he said that the electron was in an energy level.
  • The Bohr model was based on his observations of the atomic emissions spectrum of the hydrogen atom.
  • A simple definition of Bohr’s atomic model is: electrons orbit the nucleus at set distances.
  • Though Bohr's discovery would eventually be tweaked by other scientists, his ideas formed the basis of future atomic research(1913)

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