Slavery in Ancient Greece and Rome
By: Kaylie Nakaya


Map of Greece

Slavery in Ancient Greece

Slavery was a major role in Ancient Greece. Slaves worked as teachers, doctors, nurses, construction workers, policemen, hair-dressers, mail carriers, cookers, nannies, bakers, miners, farmhand, dancers, musicians, craftspeople, and also accountants. Slaves were usually taken from other cities to be the owners "prisoner." But people could have been born as a slave or their parents abandoned their children for them to die or be picked up from a passerby. Whoever their owner was, slaves could have friendly owners that seemed to be a part of their family or have a rude, demanding, and cruel owners that treat them horribly . Slavery in Greece was mostly in Sparta (the worst city in Greece for the most violent punishments), Thessaly (is a region in Greece that is known for slavery), and Sicily (a slave filled island in Greece). Slavery limited a lot of opportunities for slaves to do. They couldn't enter the Public Assembly and the Gymnasium like free men. (The Gymnasium is a training facility for athletic sports, and the Public Assembly is where free men could be able to vote.) During that time in Ancient Greece, there wasn't too many free people! Research says that 3/5 of Ancient Greece were slaves, and that most of them were punished and treated horribly. Punishments weren't really too bad but deathly. If a slave isn't doing its job or being rude, the owner will slap them many of times wherever or starve them until death. Slavery slowly ended to not be so deadly or as so hurtful to people.

Map Of Rome

Slavery in Ancient Rome

Slavery in Ancient Rome was also a really big part! The wealthy always wanted slaves to do their duties at home. Slaves were usually very young when they were introduced into slavery work. Slaves were often sold in markets for the rich to spend on; but also slaves could have been sold from their families because their family needed money. Slaves in Ancient Rome were very busy people. They can work particularly in farm fields and harvest food for their owners, or they can be forced to work underground and work in the mines for gold, silver, copper, and iron, OR slaves could have worked as the owners house servant which was the best work for slaves to be more connected and friendly to their owners. Slavery was punished really badly too, slaves that aren't kind or disapproving their master, would be lashed on their backs and have a shackle weighted down on their ankles. But punishments weren't deadly to slaves! Whenever slaves were old enough (they were mostly useless) they were granted their freedom. Slaves that were freed were called freed men or freed women, freed men and women could live their lives like free people. They could now work in jobs that were for good money and very well running.

Greece and Rome Slavery Comparisons

Ancient Greece and Rome had there differences and similarities with Slavery. Some of the differences are......

  • Slavery in Ancient Greece was a bit different than Rome. In Greece owners treated slaves like monkeys in cages. Owners were nice to their slaves only if they wanted to be, but most were cruel to their slaves. They just demand them what to do and they do it. The Romans did that too but in a different way. They don't treat their slaves as bad as Greece. They punish hard and they are painful BUT not deadly as in Greece, and they aren't as controlling as Greece.
  • In Ancient Greece  slavery was not freedom AT ALL. When there is slaves for a owner they are no longer free anymore. As for Rome, if the owners slave is too old they were able to grant their freedom and live as a freed person.
  • There was deadly and painful punishments for slaves in Greece. In Rome they are painful but doesn't lose a life of a person.

Some Ancient Greek and Rome Similarities on Slavery are.....

  • Ancient Greece and Rome were both connected together between trading with each other. These two areas were both friendly and in contact with trading other slaves.
  • Greece and Rome were both filled with free people and slaves. But there was WAY TOO many slaves then actual free people.
  • They both treat their slaves equal. They punish them if they have to and they treat them of how the slave is.
  • Greece and Rome were similar with how they functioned with their slaves. They were given, found, or bought from their owners and whoever gets their slave, treats them of how the owners treats it.

Overall About This

Overall slavery in Ancient Greece and Rome was really crazy! There was a bunch of lives lost and lives that were not as free as others were. But it was all worth that hard work because there doing it for their family! They are their to be slaves to be brave and told into the world that they can stand up in life and do what needs to be done! Life was probably tough for those people but to others in this world it shows strength and fearless of how people can be.

Thank You! Thank you so much for listening to my REALLY long presentation!


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