Sui Tang and Song dynasties

581-618                                               618-907                                                             960-1279

Sui dynasty                   Tang Dynasty                                                          Song Dynasty                                                               

Sui Dynasty

Wendi or Yang Jian reunified china so the period of Disunion came to  an end. Wendi founded the Sui dynasty and became the first emperor Wendi based his dynasty of earlier dynasties and took some of there ideas. He built a centralized government, and created a new legal code. Wendi made it so poor people in the countryside had to pay less taxes then before. He also sent people all throughout the land to count how many people and how much land and money that they had(he made a census). He made them take this census to see how much taxes they should pay. He created policies to provide all males with land and to ensure the the availability of grain. The Sui dynasty had many accomplishments, but there greatest was the 1,000 mile waterway that linked northern and southern China. The waterway was called the Grand Canal and it helped a lot with trade. When Wendi died his son Yang di took over. Yang di forced millions of peasents to work on the grand canal and other projects.

Tang Dynasty

When the Sui dynasty ended a general seized power and founded the Tang dynasty. The tang rulers built off Sui foundations to create a strong government. They made a capital at Chang'an. The tang expanded china a lot, they  gained influence over Korea and other neighboring states. Japanese scholars came to china to study its government. When XuanZong  came to power the culture flourished. Buddhism had been spreading more and more throghout this time period. The tang had made an early form of Gunpowder.

Song Dynasty

The song dynasty came to power when china split in two after the fall of the Tang. The Song dynasty had invented and accomplished many things. During the Song dynasty they learned how to use gunpowder and they perfected it more than it was. They also perfected the compass, and book printing. Even though they had many achievements the Song rulers could never regain the land the Tang had lost. When the chinese made gunpowder they only really used it for fireworks, but once it was spread around the world people used it for firearms or cannons.

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