How A Bill Becomes A Law

  • How does a bill begin as?

Every bill starts with an idea.

  • Introduction. Title Number.

A Senator or Representative must introduce a bill before Congress will consider it. Every bill is given a title and a number.

  • Committee Action

After a bill is introduced, it's sent to the standing committee that's related to the subject.

  • A Committee Can ...
  1. Pass the bill
  2. Mark the bill up with changes and suggest that it be passed
  3. Replace the original bill with a new bill
  4. Ignore the bill and let it die (which is called "pigeonholing" the bill)
  5. Kill the bill outright by majority
  • Rule of Debate

In the House, the Rules Committee sets up terms for debate. In the Senate, Senators can speak as long as they wish.

  • Action by President
  1. President signs the bill and declares it a new law
  2. President may veto, or refuse to sign the bill
  3. President may also do nothing for 10 days
  4. If Congress is in session, bill becomes a law without President's

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