Fleet Week 2014 was a blast!!!!!

Today, May 23,2013, my class and I went to fleet week. Fleet week was held here on     Staten Island. As we walked around, soldiers were demonstrating different equipment. I got to try on an oxygen tank, I went into something called a contamination room, where the men showered, and I got to see all the military's medical equipment. I especially liked the medical station, because I want to become a doctor.Then we went on the boat. The boat was very big, and it looked very dangerous. We saw huge machine guns, 9000 pound anchors, and missiles stored in secret compartments. I never knew that the navy had to use such dangerous weapons. I always figure the military did most of the work, but I now know that the navy does a lot too. The boat was named after a soldier who died to save others. 

To honor the people in the navy, marines, etc. I bought the purple sailor hat above. I also got a patriotic necklace, and a fan. I had a great day today. Thank you Saint Clare for a great day.

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