Catcher in the Rye Reading Log
By The Colin Anderson

Chapter 1 & 2

This is so Holden lol: "I act a lot older than I am- I really do- but people never seem to notice it. People never seem to notice anything.";/                 

Chapter 3 & 4

"'Where the hellja get that hat?...  You got robbed.. That's a deer shooting hat.'

'Like hell it is.'"

I think this quote best identifies the topic of appearances in Catcher in The Rye. In both Chapters, the people Holden interacts with indicate that they do not really like the hat, but Holden wears it anyway in attempt to feel different or special. The only problem with Holden's search for himself is that he hides from himself in public places. In Chapters 1 and 2, Holden does not wear the hat to the field near the sports game going on, or at Old Spencer's house. This all shows the emerging theme: "Is it better to fit in or stand out?".

Chapters  5 & 6

My thoughts on chpthers 5 and 6: My favorite part of Chapter 5 is the nice guy side of Holden is revealed during the chapter. When he is going to go out to dinner and a movie with his friend Mal, he asks Mal if Ackley can come along even though Holden himselfis not too elated when he's with Ackley. Also, he waits around for Ackley to get ready even though he probably has some compunction for inviting Ackley because he takes so long to get ready. Once the boys get back, Holden writes a somewhat august reading compisition abouthis brother Allie's baseball mitt. In Chapter 6, Holden becomes very acrid because he hears Stradlater coming back to their dorm after his date with Jane. Once Stradlater gets to the dorm, he takes a look at the paper Holden wrote and gets mad at Holden for writing it about a baseball mitt. Holden is mad at Stradlater so he adjures him until he ges very mad and rips up the paper. They fight, and Holden loses, but he reassures the readers that he doesn't care that he lost the fight.

Chapters 7-13

Chapter 7: Why does Holden feel so lonesome while he's with Ackley?

Chapter 8: If you were Morrow's mother, would you drink with Holden when he offered?

Chapter 9: Why didn't Holden call anyone once he got to New York?

Chapter 10: Does Phoebe sound like a sister you would want to have?

Chapter 11: Do you Holden is actually in love with Jane, or just doesn't like Stradlater. Why?

Chapter 12: Why doesn't Holden want to sit with Lillian Simmons?

Chapter 13: Why doesn't Holden want to sleep with the prostitute when she comes to his room

Chapters 14-17

Chapter 14: Why does Ol Maurice come back to Holden's room?

Chapter 15: Why is Holden afraid while talking to the nuns?

Chapter 16: Why doesn't Holden go into the museum at the endof the Chapter?

Chapter 17: Why did Sally want to go to the ice rink with Holden?

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