By:Hannah Boles


There are a lot of different kinds of chocolate but the most popular is Hershey's. Each kind taste different like Reese's taste different than regular chocolate. There is one type of chocolate that stands out is the Sweet Homes chocolate. What is in it? The history behind Hershey's? Why does it taste so good? When did they invent Reese's?In this informational text you will learn about chocolate and different kinds of chocolate.

The History Behind Hershey's

Have you ever wondered who invented Hershey's?”Milton s.Hershey invented Hershey's chocolate”.” He was born on September 1857”.”He died October 13 1995”. He has one sibling which is Serina Hershey. He invented Hershey's chocolate because no one knows. That means that know one knows why he invented Hershey's. Studies don't know they think he invented Hershey's so he could make money like every other inventor. They plan on keeping Hershey's going for as long as they can.” He married Catherine Sweeney she was born in 1898 and died on 1915. Hershey's chocolate was invented in 1884”.

How do you make chocolate?

Do you freeze chocolate?” If you do make sure it is sealed in an upright container so that you can freeze it”.”Always thaw chocolate in the refrigerator”. There is different ways to freeze chocolate depending on what type of chocolate you have.Like if you have dark chocolate you might have to freeze it a different way than milk chocolate.People say it is not difficult to make chocolate it just takes a lot of patience. Researchers say that the shape of chocolate might make the task different.Think about it chocolate takes a lot of time to make do you have the patience for it?

What is in chocolate?

What is in chocolate? Chocolate, a combination of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, or other fat or sugar. People say their is not as much sugar as you think in chocolate.There is more sugar in chocolate milk than in chocolate.Why is chocolate so unhealthy for you?Because it contains sugar and caffeine.Caffeine is an aging drug it puts you body into stress. It makes people crazy so that they can crave more of the drug.Which made them tired in the first place. Because it gives them initial kick which exhaust there adrenal glands.

Why does chocolate taste so good?

Chocolate taste so good because of sugar. Back when they invented chocolate it had a nasty bitter taste.But know that sugar came it made it delicious.The delicious trinity of cocoa, sugar and milk fused to create one of the world's most lovable food.A study shows that chocolate can be good for the heart because it contains flavonoids. Chocolate is good for us but people think its not.Our brain activity changes when we eat chocolate.Dana Small had people it chocolate until well beyond the feel of satisfaction.They noticed one set of the brain structures were active when people ate chocolate. Too much chocolate is not necessarily to bad for you.

When did they invent Reese's?

Reese's are a part of Hershey's.Reese's was invented by Harry Burnett Reese.Reese was born on May 24 1879.He married in 1900 and went on and had 16 kids.Yes 16 by 1903. He married Blanche Edna Hyson. He had 8 boys and 8 girls. Reese's peanut butter cups were 2 cents we they first came out. Think back then that was a lot of money!In 1917 he decided to work as a dairyman for Milton s. Hershey.He worked at the farm for many years and then began to work at the community chocolate center.


Chocolate definitely taste really good.It has a history that was really long ago! It also takes a lot of work to make it.Hershey's is a wonderful brand.What would you do without chocolate?So remember now you know these things what is in it?When did they invent Reese's?Why does it taste so good?The history behind Hershey's.You can go tell someone about chocolate.


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