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9th Grade English
Jennifer Cobb

Expository Essay

This card trick is simple and easy. It gives off the illusion that it's complicated which makes it all the more amazing to whom you present it to. This is a simple step by step explanation that even kids can follow. Here is how you do it.

First, gather twelve cards of different suits and numbers. Later on in the trick you will need to memorize four of these cards depending on the audiences choice of card. Layout these twelve cards face up in columns of three. There will be four cards in each column. Tell the audience to choose a card but only tell the column it is in. They will point at the row it's in. Gather up that column last. As you gather them up, memorize the entire column their cards in. It's is crucial that you gather up that column last and place it on the top of the deck so you will know where it's at.

Now you will pretend to randomly place the cards back into the columns like you did in the first step. Place the column that the audiences chose in the last step in the first row one card will leak over to the second row of the first column.

Tell them to point at their cards current column. If its in the second or third column then you know what their card is at the top where you put it. If it is in the first row you still don't know because there is two cards in the column from the original first column.

If it is in the first row repeat the process and gather up their chosen column last and put the cards at the top now when they choose the column their card is in you will know. This process must be repeated three times.

Now the last part is where you are trying to confuse them. Place the cards in groups of four like a flower, face down. REMEMBER where you place their card. Tell them to point at a card. Then pick any other card but that card. Continue this until there are only two cards left, their card and another. They may point at the other card, normally, you would pick up an opposite card but since the opposite card in this situation is their card, pick up the one they pointed at.

Then flip over their card and watch their amazed faces as you uncover their chosen card. Now the card trick is complete. Yet be careful how many times you perform it to one person, they might just figure out the secret to your card trick.

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