Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Brief History

  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was created by Walt Disney, the country was first founded in April 15, 1930. Walt Disney was walking around a(n) area full of big bright green trees, bushes, and beautiful flowers until he saw an empty space of land. Walt Disney created Disney Production but when he died it was given to Mickey who changed the name to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the president also know as Head Mouseketeer is Mickey Mouse. Mickey invited all his friends who invited their friends and soon enough it became a country. When Mickey grew older he ended up creating a password so nobody would be able to enter without his permission, the password is "Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse!"

  In education citizens would start to learn at the age of five. Citizens would have to attend school for six months each year until the citizen turns sixteen. both boys and girls will attend school, if the citizen came from a different country he/she will either stay in that school year or stay behind a year depending on what they have already been taught. Each educator will teach one class subject and there will be aloud twenty-five students in each class. There will be a principal, counselor, and attendants lady that is it. The cost for schooling is two hundred and fifty dollars a year no more no less.     




  The citizens of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse live in different shaped homes with all sorts of different colors. It has a lot of small cities and only one big city where the president lives. Citizens live in big and small homes depending on the city. Citizens that live in the big city tend to have smaller homes as for small cities have bigger homes. The country looks amazing with all the beautiful architecture.

  The country protects itself with the secret password that only Mickey Mouse knows. All citizens feel safe in the country. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is one of the safest countries because it has some of the most friendliest neighbors. The citizens of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ask each other for help if they have a problem. They also get a lot of help by calling, "Oh Toodles!" it summons a robot named Toodles to pop up from where he is hiding and fly up to the citizen so he/she can pick which tool they need for their current situation. Mickey Mouse loves to help all his friends and neighbors when they have a problem so citizens can ask him also.

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