Working in the IT industry

IT Technician

Career description

IT support technicians help to find and correct software and hardware problems for computer users.

To become an IT support technician, you would need to have a wide knowledge of operating systems for example Windows XP/7/8, Unix, VMS etc.

You would not be expected to be a programmer but you would also need to know about networking, hardware and software and have good communication skills in order to explain problems and solutions clearly to non-technical users.

As an IT support technician, you would work on site or remotely by phone, email or using web-based applications. Your job would normally include:

Talking to clients to get details of faults

Working out the reasons for a fault and explaining these to the client

Fixing equipment, including printers and scanners (known as peripherals)

Setting up new equipment and upgrading existing systems

Testing and servicing equipment

Recording problems and their solutions for future reference

Training clients on new systems or software applications.

Training & Development

There are many courses available full- or part-time through local colleges and private training centres. These courses often contain optional units taken from CompTIA, Cisco and Microsoft certifications and cover PC installation and maintenance.

IT changes very quickly, so you would need to continue developing your skills and knowledge over the course of your career. You could do this by taking further training in your job or through a college.

Industry Specifics

IT systems are used in every conceivable industry and consequently there will normally be no specific additional skill requirements. However, depending on the problem an IT Technician must be able to comprehend what is required of the computer system. This may require the ability to understand certain aspects of accounting systems, maintenance programmes, sales and marketing planning and many more aspects of the day to day functioning of commerce and manufacturing.

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