Smoke Alarm Testing and Inspection

Smoke Alarm Testing

Electrical testing and tagging

iCheckit is Australia's leading smoke alarm testing specialist. Our qualified team of technicians has led the smoke alarms industry in expertise, quality and professionalism. We provide services like smoke alarm inspection, Test, and Smoke Alarm installations in Perth. Sometimes it is preferable to have smoke alarms interconnected. Smoke alarms should be tested monthly. We work with the offices to maintain smoke alarms in their rental properties to ensure that they stay compliant with the relevant legislation in their state.

Electrical testing and tagging and Smoke Alarm Replacement

We offer services includes smoke alarm replacement, inspection, testing, repairs and replacement. You don't have time to read other budget providers fine print or explain add-on charges to your landlords. Smoke alarms require regular testing and cleaning to provide effective protection. A licensed electrical contractor is required to disconnect or install mains powered smoke alarms. Our technicians will clean and install new batteries; test with artificial smoke and when alarms are expired, faulty or damaged replace them with new Australian Standard approved alarms.

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