Society on Body Image

Yasmin Alibhai Brown said that  "The 'economy of sameness' is yoking all cultures to the same idea of beauty which is linked to assimilating all countries into the same economic model." Yasmin is stating that the economy has the same idea of body image, and it doesn't matter what cultural view it is. Society has influenced the way women see their body through social media, television, and also through pressure of the economy. I believe that society has impacted a negative effect on women and the way they see their self. Women have been judged by certain trend expectations, physical perfections, and different perceptions of beauty. This has effected women by turning them to go anorexic, bulimic, and binge eating.

Women have gone anorexic due to the pressure of the "too fat" trend. Studies have shown that up to 20% of college women suffer from an eating disorder. Another study showed that 40% percent of college women showed anorexic like behavior, almost half of them are engaged in binge eating, and all of them knew someone who had a eating disorder because of insecurities of their body. Also another study discovered how a third of college women surveyed were using diet aids.

How many times have you tried to lose weight? How many times have you spent thinking about how others see you and if they think you are "too fat"? If you've answered many times to these questions than you are hardly alone. More than three quarters of healthy weight women in the United States believe that they are too fat. Also nearly two thirds of high school girls are on diets due to the "too fat" trend. The Eating Disorders Association states that, "Eating disorders develop as outward signs of inner emotional or psychological distress".

Media images establishes what it means to be a beautiful women in our society. The pressure of social medias "ideal" beautiful women creates a tremendous pressure for ordinary women to improve their body appearance. Media also sets an expectation for women that we can never be happy unless we strive for physical perfection, to be successful, loved, and satisfied with the expectation that society has given us to emulate and idolize. Along with the "too fat" trend came The Skinny Trend. Sophie Kafeero asked young women about what expectations do they think they have set by society. One young women answered that if they want to be a "popular showcase girlfriend" they must be skinny, have to be. Recent studies have found that the number one wish of girls between the ages of eleven and seventeen is to be thinner. Girls as young as five years old have voiced concerns about gaining weight.

We can spread the word of how everyone is beautiful and how weight doesn't matter but society will always have the same expectation on what we think what a beautiful women is. It also goes into perception of the individual women. Are they okay with what they look like? Does it even matter what other people think about them? The problem is not only what the pressures and expectations that society has for women but how women view themselves.