Industrial revolution summary improvements Gabe Quezada hour 7.

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We have not always been the nicest from War,Blood shed,deaths but from everything that has happened from indians dying to buffalo almost going extinct and from us mis treating the indians terribly we have improved in our actions.We as the US we have had are glorious moments and achievements.Such as we made peace with the indians but also we have joined together and talk about things instead of war.We improved on everything guns making us stronger but also we have improved on creating things that can help us with troubles we may have such as the mill,pictograph,but now we are using tesla cars and rockets from just little things we have made a huge jump in inventions that help us learn about things were curious about but also we have inventions all kind of people have made not only inventions from the US but from china and places all over the world.We have improved since the industrial revolution by creating and making more advanced objects that help us in life.

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