Sid's Totally cool Electronic Portfolio

Totally required graded review of my performance teaching this lesson:

Here is a bunch of photos of the worksheet I had students fill out in groups during this lesson! Also included in this photo set are my signed butler letter and graded facilitation rubric! I was so glad that these all uploaded and how detailed these kiddos got

My thoughts over this lesson and how it went~

Honestly, teaching this lesson multiple times has been a huge hassle and despite these being from what i'd call the "crash course" version of it getting it done within a single class period, went surprisingly well. Ms.Taylor was super impressed and actually kept the students originals of there creations and plans on using them for her classes clay unit! Which of course made me super happy! She also would like me to come in and talk with some EBD students, one of which was super into the lesson and really wanted me to come back! We had a lot of technical trouble but it all worked out well, the worst part is that we were unable to save our computer creations successfully. Which makes me feel like I'll have to find a more reliable website to design superheroes.

Three of the photos I took. This was during the mini-presentation of the character each group created!

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