Why is Canada the Greatest Country?


          I believe that Canada is the greatest country in the world because it has much more positives than negatives. Canada is the second largest country in the world. This is a positive because there is a wider range of medical and healthcare available, greater transportation, economic growth, and a greater ability of international trade. Throughout this presentation, I will be focusing on Canada's population, it's interaction's in the physical environment, managing the resources and industries, and the liveable communities.

Changing Population

Population Size

          The size of a countries population is very important because of the many economic benefits that it provides. In 1867, Canada's population was close to 3.5 million people. Since then, Canada's population has been doubling every 40 years. This increase in it's population is beneficial as it helps the country grow as a whole. This is because there will be greater environmental benefits, innovation, etc. Although, Canada's population is not as high as it should be due to the amount of space available, it can also be seen as a positive as-well. The lack of reproduction in Canada will allow for greater immigration, which is something that other countries do not have. By looking at the graph below, it shows that Canada's population in 2014 was estimated to be around 34.9 million people. This gradual growth displays that Canada's population has been continuously increasing rather than decreasing. This increase can be due to a number of reasons, which will be discussed further below.

Population Growth

          A countries population growth is an important part because it shows us whether or not a country is developing and growing. Canada's fertility rate has dropped drastically over the past 50 years. The prediction for Canada's growth rate is expected to slow even further over the next several decades, between 2010 - 2060. Although this decline may be seen as a negative, Canada is working hard to change this by creating maternal and paternal benefits, which will in return cause more women to have children. Canada also highly depends on immigration to help our population growth, which will create more cultural diversity.

Interactions in the Physical Environment

Natural Disasters

          Around the world volcanoes are a deadly disaster that cause many tragedies. In Canada, volcanos seem to be none existent. There has only been one documented volcano eruption in more recent times. This is a positive thing because Canada does not have to face what some of the other countries have to go through when a volcano erupts. The risk of a volcanic eruption is the wind that causes ash to fall out. This causes many respiratory problems for people and also a hazard to technology. Therefore, Canadians are lucky to live in a country where they do not have to worry about this natural disaster.

Managing Canada's Resources & Industries


          Forestry in Canada plays an important part in this country. In 1992 Canada committed to developing an approach known as SFM (sustainable forest management). This is a good thing, because Canada is trying to make the forestry industry more sustainable, by protecting the health of forest lands and maximizing the many environmental and social benefits we value.


          Fish contributes greatly to the health and survival of a large portion of the worlds population. Canada has the worlds largest fresh water system with over 2 million lakes and rivers. This means that Canada benefits from the amount of water that it has. The fish tend to be well adapted to a certain range of environmental conditions. Which means that fish can live in many different water temperatures.

Liveable Communities


          Agriculture is important to countries because farmers raise livestock and produce food for public consumption. Since 1991, Canada's farms have increased for 598 to 778 acres. Farmers grow fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products for the public. This is a good thing because all the products are full of vitamins and antioxidants. In recent decades, there has been a growth in Canada's domestic greenhouse industry, which increased imports and has also offered a greater range of food. Although the number of farms in Canada have decreased, the farms size have grown larger. This means that Canadian citizens are able to get products from one farm rather than getting them from more than one, which will save time and money.


          In conclusion, i strongly believe that Canada is the greatest country to live in. This is because of the many benefits it provides to Canadian citizens, such as the countries size, the acceptance of immigration, its work with the forest industry, fish, and it's agricultural benefits. Canada is very different form other countries because of the multiculturalism. This means that Canada accepts people from all around the world and does not discriminate. Due to this, Canada is the best country to live in because of the freedom that it offers.

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