Jim Carrey


Funny man Jim Carrey suffers from bipolar disorder. His extreme energy and pizzazz could, in part, be linked to the disorder. He is currently stabilized and doing quite well with his treatments, and his career continues to be strong.From the looks of him, especially in his movies, you’d never think that Jim Carrey suffered from any type of mental disorder that negatively impacted his moods. However, when he was younger, Jim went through a lot of family problems which made him become violent, angry, and sad, and the depression lasted even after he had found success in Hollywood. Jim was eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was treated with Prozac. Today he uses his faith to deal with the disorder.

Bipolar Disorder:can be beneficial for anyone and everyone, regardless of age, race, class, or gender. Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder in which a person experiences mood swings. Such mood swings vary from extreme depression to an elevated state known as mania. Psychologists and other mental health professionals have varying theories about the condition’s origin. Treatment often consists of a mixture of medications, counseling, and individualized therapy. Although there is no ‘cure’ for bipolar disorder, professionals can help you manage the symptoms.

Statistics state that more than 4.4 percent of the United States population is living with bipolar disorder, including some well-known celebrities.

DSM-5 : States that the type of bipolar he has bipolar 1 disorder where he tends to be more irritable and feels more agitated  

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