the long term effects of of the atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki by lucas

1 the long term effects is

Keloids is a, scar tissue covering apparently healed burns began to swell and grow abnormally.


people who was in the bomb the radition had people had partial hair loss.

3.Blood Disorders

4.people who was near the bomb there white and red blood cells lasted for up to ten years after the bombing.

short term effects of the atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki

the short term effects is

1.The burns melted away skin, and burned through to tissue and internal organs. Also the initial blast caused by the dropping of the bomb killed

2.many people near the hypocenter as they were thrown into air by winds over one thousand miles per hour.

3.The blast also caused windows of nearby buildings to shatter and cause millions of glass shards to become embedded into the people nearby. Acute radiation was also an immediate effect of the atomic bomb. Acute radiation was the physical effects

long term effects pic

short term effects pic


Now that you know the short term and long term effects of the bomb, if you were president Truman would you still go back and drop the bomb, knowing what you know now? no becuse they was killing harmless people and that was sad becuse all of thous people dieed of killed. the city would be destory

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