The Appalachian Mountains  


The Appalachian mountains stretch from the state of Georgia in the southern united states to the maritime in the north to Newfoundland in the north. They are the oldest highland region in Canada formed about 300 Million years ago. Layers of sedimentary rock were uplifted and folded.

Human Activities

The Appalachian mountains has a lot of areas to mine. The Appalachian mountains have many  different minerals some of them are Coal, Iron, Zinc, and Metallic.

Soil &Vegetation

The Appalachian mountains have three different types of forests Boreal, Taiga, and Mixed forests. The Boreal and Taiga forests have the largest vegetation region in Canada. It is located outside the Tundra and separated by a tree line. There are two different trees that grow here coniferous, and evergreens. There are rainfalls and snowfalls which washes away many minerals at the top soil and washes it down to deeper levels. The Mixed forest grow south of the Boreal forest. The mixed forest has many different trees, coniferous,  deciduous, spruce, fir, pine, cedar, hemlock, maple, beech, ash, oak, and birch which are all suitable soil for farming.   


The Appalachian mountains are affected by two ocean currents. The Labrador currents bring cold water from the south from the Atlantic causing cold climate in the winter months. The Gulf Stream brings warm water from the Caribbean bringing warmer temperatures. This brings the Appalachian mountains with extremely long, cold, winters and short, cool, summers.  

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