Manufactured Fabrics

Spandex is known for it's ability to stretch. It's soft and light weight yet durable. It's It's nonabsorbent and easily damaged by bleach. It's commonly uses for dance wear, swim wear, and exercise wear.

Acetate is a fiber commonly used in neck ties, lingerie, blouses & linings. It's inexpensive and very easy to dye, silky, luxurious and very versatile.

Acrylic fiber resembles wool. It's soft, warm and bulky, yet lightweight. Acrylic dries quickly and pills easily. It's also wrinkle resistant. It's commonly used in bathrobes, terry-clothes and knitted garments.

Nylon fibers were the first fibers manufactured completely with chemicals. It's strong, durable, elastic & heat sensitive. Nylon dries quickly and washes easily. It's commonly used to make windbreakers, hosiery & swim wear.

Polyester fibers are made from coal or petroleum. It's easy to care for, has great washibilty and pills easily. It's resistant to wrinkling and often blends with other fibers. It's mostly used for children's clothes, shirts & suits.

Rayon fibers are soft, absorbent, and comfortable. It's weak when it's wet, but it's stretchy. It mildews easily, and is inexpensive. Common uses for Rayon are sports shirts and jackets.

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