Before 9/11 there was less security in air ports.

People before 9/11 had different fears and worries.

Before 9/11 many things were different including the media. What you could say and what you could make skits change. You could made jokes about bombings hijacks but now you can't. But the media was also big then as it is now but it is still not the same.before 9/11 there was nothing about terrorist but now you hear about them all the time.


On 9/11/2001 four plane were hijacked two hit the world trade center one hit the Pentagon and the last crashed into a grassy field. It was a big a shock and even the military did not know what was going on and they relayed on the media to see what happened.

The Days After

The days after 9/11 people in shock just realized what happened to them. How the planes hitting in the World Trade Centers was a attack.There were major clean ups memorial severance. As fear and sadness was in the people.


Now Americans know what happened on dreadful days and instead of falling apart we are stronger united . Now we hear a lot of new terrorist groups including ISIS. From 9/11 and all these new groups people are more worried and cautious and there have been a lot of safety precaution  on airplanes and schools

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