Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin. Naturalist; scientist; creator of theory of evolution.

Charles Robert Darwin, born February 12 in Shrewsbury, England, was a scientist who changed the way people thought about science and nature. He studied at Edinburgh University. Also , he was a scientific expedition for five years and he wanted to give people facts about science so they can know the truth about the evolution of life. Charles worked on his theory for 20 years. His ideas gained currency and became the new orthodoxy. Darwin died on April 19th and he was buried in Westminster Abbey.

Story of His Theory

Darwin's voyage to fame started in 1831 when a naturalist was required to accompany Captain Fits Roy on the HMBS Beagle to travel around the world. The five year trek was very informational to Darwin. He came up with five different sub-theories that sum up to one big theory: the theory of origin and evolution of species. Those theories were: evolution, common descent, multiplication of species, gradualism, and natural selection.

Theory of Evolution states that species evolve while they exist and come and go through time.

Theory of Common Descent states that organisms descend from ancestor species and become more and more different over time compared to the original form.

Theory of Species Multiplication states that for diversity to happen within a species, they have to multiply and divide into two different species, then creating more and more population.

Theory of Gradualism states that new population and diversity  does not just happen, but it happens in small amounts over time.

Lastly, theory of Natural Selection states that variation of individual species helps change over time and increases chances of survival.

Big Question

Big question: How and why do individuals change their minds about major ideas and how do these ideas become generally accepted by society?

Answer: Individuals change their minds about major ideas because they start thinking and they sometimes they find flaws in these theory's- like Charles Darwin. He thought about the theory that animals where created at the start of the earth and he found flaws. So then, he came up with his theory that animals where created through natural history and they died through natural history. Charles Darwin used three claim testers.  He used evidence, logic, and intuition. He had evidence from his journey around the world and he collected facts from other scientist. Darwin chose to demonstrate this using artificial selection and production of various breeds of domestic animals  and plants as an analogy for natural selection. His theory was logical because natural selection just makes sense. It makes sense that animals die if they don't adapt to their changing environment.He also had intuition which is your gut feeling.Charles Darwin just had a gut feeling that the other scientist theory's were and that his was right.


The evolution theory relates to big history because it shows what we thought back then, and now we are finding out how different it is from then; which is related to threshold 5- life on earth. It explains how the world works and what he discovered about earth. he shared this idea by presenting evidence that species do change over time, in process he called it natural selection.

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