EA Sports is the latest developer to build hype before E3 gets underway. FIFA 14 PS4 Coins In just four days time they'll announce the next title in their hugely popular series of FIFA football simulation games, FIFA 15. Considering the series has been released annually since 1993, the news should be no shock at all to fans of the franchise.

FIFA 15 will take advantage of EA Sports own IGNITE engine, which is currently responsible for running all of their sports titles on both PlayStation 4, Xbox One and now also the PC starting this year. The aim here is to provide the same features and experience on PC as will be available on both the next gen consoles. What those features include won't be unveiled until June 9.

Little else is known currently beyond the hashtag "FeelTheGame" which would appear to be the tagline for this particular title. Marking a change from the previous iteration which went with the tagline of "We Are FIFA 14". The change likely isn't significant beyond marketing purposes.

A very short and very teasing teaser trailer was also shown which depicts Liverpool and Uruguay forward Luis Suarez taking a free kick, we can only hope he managed to

find the target. A full announcement and trailer is expected to follow during Electronic Arts E3 press conference scheduled for the June 9. READ MORE: fifa 14 xbox coins