The Alpine Countries

                The Alpine Countries have beautiful mountain scenery with rich culture.


                 Austria was once the center of one of the most powerful empires of Europe. The royal Hapsburg family came to control the empire. The Hapsburg  family ruled The Netherlands, Spain, and many more countries. In 1918, World War I, the Hapsburg's were on the losing side. After the war Austria became a republic. Since then, Austria has changed into a modern, industrialized nation. Today Austria  is a federal republic and EU member. Most Austrians speak German and are Roman catholic. Vienna is Austria's capital and largest city, on the banks of the Danube.   


                         Switzerland has been an independent country since the 1600's. Today Switzerland is a federal republic with 26 districts. All mail citizens serve four period in the militia, a citizen army. Switzerland location helped it remain neutral for centuries. Switzerland has not joined the EU or NATO. The Swiss speak several languages, The main languages are German and French. Switzerland's capital is Bern, the have one of the worlds highest standers of living.

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