Brahman (Bos indicus)

- By: Alex Jacobs


-Out of 30 well defined breeds in India, Three principle strains used in developing Brahman: Guzerat, the Nellore, and Gir.

-Hindu faith did not permit cattle to be sold or slaughtered, and the United States import quarantines has made importation of Brahman difficult.


-Size: Bulls weigh 1600-2200 Lbs.
Cows weigh 1000-1400 Lbs.
Calves at birth weigh 60-65 Lbs

-Disposition: Intelligent, inquisitive, and shy, Brahman respond quickly to handling received, and benefit greatly from affectionate handling.

-Coloring: Brahman range in coloration from light gray to almost black. Cows are lighter in color, and Bulls are darker with darkened portions around the neck, shoulders, and thighs.

-Heat tolerance: Brahman and other European breeds both thrive at temperatures as low as 8°F. European breeds can only withstand temperatures up to (and beyond) 75°F before adverse effects are seen such as slowed milk production. Brahman can withstand temperatures up to 105°F without any adverse effects being noted.

-Other Notable Features:
~Loose skin
     ~Ability to Sweat
     ~Large hump on shoulders
     ~Thick glossy coat of hair
     ~Horns that curve upward and are sometimes tilted to the rear

Popularity In United States

-Brahman imports are only recorded at only about 300 cattle, most of which are bulls.

-Few pure bred Brahman are in the United States due to strict rules and regulations but they are highly sought after for their meat, birthing ease, and growth rate

-Used in cross breeding in southern states to increase resistance to heat and other geographical issues faced by European breeds.

Modern Uses of Brahman

-Most Brahman are used in cross breeding in southern areas of the united states where temperatures are unfavorable for other breeds.

-Used for milking in hot environments where heat has a adverse effect on other breed of cattle's milk production.

-Fast growth and good carcasses makes them highly used for meat


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