Monsoon Footwear for this Season

The rains are arriving soon in order to relieve all from the severe heat wave that has been on the rise. It is the season to rejoice; the season that brings the respite from the heat but also poses a serious question. What shoes do you wear during this season? Well, you need to be well equipped for the incoming season because there are higher chances you might be affected by fungal or bacterial infection if you do not take adequate care of your feet or wear the right type of shoe.

Also, if the shoe you choose to wear does not have a proper grip, then you might as well become a victim due to the slippery floor. Therefore, mentioned below are a few tips that will help you purchase the right footwear for the season and help you remain safe and infection-free. You should definitely choose the following monsoon footwear:

  • Full Plastic Footwear

This is low cost and extremely useful for this season especially with the innumerable styles available in the market.

  • Crocs

This is one of the better options for this season and is created out of rubber along with a solid grip so that the shoe does not slip from your foot while walking.

  • Flip-Flops

Ideal for the rains, flip-flops are created out of material that includes rubber and other rain-friendly materials. These are washable and easy to maintain and dry, especially if you have been stuck in the rains for a long while. Available in a range of colours and designs, flip-flops are one of the most preferred footwear during this rainy season.

  • Gum Boots

Gum boots are perfect for heavy rains and are made use of for water that reaches up to your knee, created out of rubber. These boots also protect your feet from mud and dirt during the monsoons.

  • Sandals

If you wish for shoes that can be adorned with formal wear, then you should definitely go with sandals that constitute of straps that are water resistant.

  • Open toes or floaters

These are also available in waterproof material and come in various forms and colours. You can choose these in order to survive the monsoon season.