Little Printer

Abbie Batten


The Little Printer is a small cube shaped product that allows you to communicate with friends, print out images or information, get up to date on the news, follow public notifications and share your own images with your friends and family. You can connect your Smart Phone to it and print out images or send and receive messages.

Designed by Berg.


The cost of this new printer product in the UK is £149, in the US it is $199; also with free shipping worldwide.


The Little Printer is a small white and grey cube, with vibrant orange legs to hold it up and as a guide when printing. The changing screen allows you to choose from four different faces, that change throughout its time with the growth of hair changing and they will sometimes decide to wear glasses. You can adapt the look of your little printer through the changes in faces and facial features.

Why does this work for me?

Due to the cube being relatively small, it is therefore portable, allowing me to take it around with me and connect to other internet sources. The size is also good as I will be able to keep more space on my desk or place the Little Printer in a smaller space in my home. This is also a good product for me as they ship world wide, meaning that there is no inconvenience for me other than the wait for it to arrive. The function of this product also works for me as it allows me to communicate, print and adapt my lifestyle, with easy access to internet and public notifications, as well as it being able to connect to my phone.