The Janitor

by Kolton Kendrick

Lawson with a tight long black raggity suit

Lawson of the big beat up truck

Lawson whose the janitor fir the old cracked school on the block

Whose busy cleaning up the cracked water line in the lunch room

he was running down the hall way

while screaming to call the plumier

then stops to talk to the other janitor

while trying to call the plumier

Lawson finally stopped the water pipe from flooding the building

while the plumier fixed it

The janitor cleaned up the water

There was a cracked pipe

Lawson inside the cafeteria

inside the janitors closet

inside the restroom

cleaning up another cracked pipe

so he cleaned up the mess

Then he went and helped clean up the other cracked pipe

while calling the principle about the cracked pipes

know he is picking up trash after school While he is trying to go home.

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