Slam Poetry

My name is fly;

I can go to the sky

I am freely living my own life.

My name is student;

I read all day it is true that I am here to stay

but that's not all I learn all day that some day I will go away.

My name is life;

its hard to live but there is god

who can be there for me.

My name is friend;

I will be there when I can

we can play all day it is fun to say.

My name is love;

I am very tough.

Stop for a while when you've had enough.

My name is cowgirl;

I ride around the world

with my horse and I,

don't need any more.

My name is family;

I will love you forever

so when you fall I will be there when ever.

My name is America;

the strong and proud

on The 4th Of July; hear my fireworks loud

Patriots show love all year round the

there is cheer in the air.

Drip Drop,Drip Drop;

I am rain one two,one two

I fall on your face pitter patter,pitter patter.