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Cody "I'm not a weim"

  • Breed: Doberman
  • Location: Bristolville, OH
  • Age: 3
  • Favorite Treat: Everything
  • Favorite Toy: Kong Safestix
  • Favorite Game: picking on siblings

Cody was supposed to be my ex-husband's dog. We were at Niles pet expo and they had an Isabella doberman.  I told him if he wanted it we could get it.  He passed a couple weeks later I was looking at doberman rescue sites and there was a fawn doberman baby.  I researched and saw they had more health issues but we put in an application.  We got accepted and Cody came to join our family at 3 months old.  I wanted pet insurance, the ex didn't think it was needed so we didn't cover Cody right away.  I took Cody to puppy class and obedience class.  He bonded to me more.  When we got divorced I put in the paperwork that I kept the dogs and their life has been so much better because of it.  Cody got embraced about 2 years old.

Cody lives in an area where there aren't many dobermans and with his natural ears people ALWAYS think he's a weimer so he's an ambassador for the doberman breed introducing people to dobermans.  He's even helped a girl overcome her overwhelming fear of dobermans.

Cody is one of those pups in which if it could happen it will happen to him.  He got a bloody nose running into the couch, he ripped his shoulder open running into the well head... Cody started out with a great coat but at 1 year old he started getting the fawn bumps and a thin coat.  Mom has worked hard using a good fawn/blue coat regimen a breeder developed and is growing some hair to be the beautiful fawn boy.

Cody lives with his older sister, Lady a charcoal lab.  He laughs because she might be 3 months older but he's got 20 pounds and 4 inches of height on her.  He's had a couple foster brothers and sisters come through the house. The latest foster brother is a permanent resident, Sargent the blue doberman at a young 10 years old.

Cody loves to go for rides and stick his head out the truck moonroof.  He attends dog park events and doberman rescue events.  He is very patient with his Mom letting her dress him up for Halloween, wears sunglasses like the cool dog he is and sports scarves and bandanas regularly.  

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