Atmosphere-By Craityn Mills

Fact #1-

As you go higher the temp. changes because the molecules spread out. When you are on the ground the molecules don't have as much room and they rub together, they don't have as much room when you go higher in the atmosphere. And it gets colder as you go up.

Fact #2

The greenhouse affect is when the suns heat comes to Earth and the land and water soaks up the heat and it goes back like a reflection. And the atmosphere keeps the heat in the atmosphere.


The atmosphere holds in gasses.  The main type of the gasses is Nitrogen is makes up of 78% of our air that we breath.  Oxygen makes up 21% and the other gasses is 1%.


There is 4 layers of the atmosphere is the Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere and Thermosphere.  The Troposphere is the first layer that is where planes fly and the weather happens.The next layer is the stratosphere, as you go up in this layer it gets warmer because that layer protects the Earth from the Sun. The next layer is the Mesosphere, this layer protects us from space rocks. And it's the middle layer.  The last layer is the Thermosphere protects us from the sun to and it's closest to the sun that's why it's so hot.

Tip #5

The atmosphere protects us from many things.  Such as space rocks and UV rays from the Sun.  And it also protects us from getting to cold to.

Tip #6

You can't really see air pressure but you can feel it and as you go higher in elevation the pressure gets lower.  But air pressure looks like all these tiny smallest moecules of air and they are so small you can't even see them.


The Auroras are also known as the Northern lights. They are made by the magnetic field just above Thermosphere.  And the most often color is green. The colors change because of the diferent types of shapes they make.


The water vapor cycle is like when It Rains then the pants land and bodies of water soak it up and then the sun makes it hot and turns to water vapor and when they pile up they make a cloud and when the cloud gets big enough it rains or snows or even hails.

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