Ojee Modequillo 8E Photography and Digital Editing

On Digital Technology we learnt about Photography and what makes a good photo. We learnt that good composition makes a good photo and the rule of third is what makes a photo more appealing to the eye. The rule of third is about pretending to make a three by three grid on your photo, some camera has this on them. The rule of third is about making your photo to be not in the middle but to be in the intersecting line of the grid. There also the rule of fill in which is about you getting rid of the non important stuff or the distraction and filling in your photo mostly with your subject. I learnt something from a video about the basic stuff you need to learn about photography which are pattern, unusual/different point of view(not your normal view) and the rules of third.

This image shows respect and also teamwork because the vet is checking the dogs' eye to see if it's okay.The teamwork is the vets working together to keep the dog relaxed and steady for the check up. The subject is not entirely in the middle and the background doesn't clash with the subject.

This is the edited version of the photo as you can see I added brightness on the dog to show the subject better which are the vets. I added a flower background to show it a nice and safe place and also the stickers for fun.

This image show a frog and a mouse working together to cross the river. This image show the value of teamwork even though you are different species. This image show great composition called fill in the photo because it's now focusing on the subjects.

This is the edited version and I added text about friendship and stickers that represent sound and what you find in the sea. I added the mystical effect to point the eye on the subject and I changed the photo to look like it been taken on a old camera to make it look better.

This image shows respect, teamwork and safety because they are working together to keep warm and snug and also they respect each other enough to trust one another. This photo although broke the rule of third it's still focused on the two subject and is appealing to the eye.

This is the edited version and I added the sticker of a pea pod because like the kittens they work together to keep each other safe and well. I added the text to help the subject to be appealing to the person. The changed the borders into a film to make it look like a scene in a movie about animal family. I changed the background to make the cats look like the main subject of the photo.

This image shows teamwork and safety because the dog and horse are working together to get away from the flood and safety because they are safe from the flood or are looking for a safe place to go. This photo also applies the rule of third and almost the fill in meaning this photo has good composition.

This is the edited version and I changed the background to focus on the two subjects. I added the text  "thank you" to show the gratitude of the dog to the horse and I added the heart sticker to show good friendship, the bird was just for fun.

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