The Snow Helpers

By Kayden

Snow Search Dogs

Saint Bernards', Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, German Shepherds, Labrador retrievers make the best snow search dogs. Dogs that love to hunt make good snow search dogs. The snow search breeds have to have a lot of fur.

Ryan’s Amazing Story

Ryan was skiing one day and an avalanche came from behind him and swept him off his feet. When everything calmed down Ryan was trapped! At first Ryan was struggling to get out. Then he saw a little breathing hole and calmed down. Keno ran back and forth looking for a scent then Keno stopped. Then Keno started to dig and saved Ryan’s life.

Training For The Job

They use helicopters and ski lifts to get the dogs where they are needed. They train the dogs when they are younger to use them when there older. Pups that love to hunt are the best, not the lazy ones. The trainers use the dogs that have a love of hunting to find the people. They would train them to be able to climb big steep mountains.

Job Description

The people die from hitting rocks or trees and being buried alive so its the dogs job to find the people. Snow search dogs have to find the people. Snow search dogs have to find people in snow storms too.

Facts About Snow Search Dogs

Snow search dogs are fearless and good at going through a lot of snow too. The first snow search dog was a Saint Bernard. Some dogs save over 40 people in their life time. Some get stories about them.

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