My Blogging Challenge: Day 5

Day 5's challenge: Take a picture of my classroom and describe what I see. Also, describe what I don't see but would like to.

Here is a few pictures of my room/lab/office from 7:10 a.m. this morning.

When I enter my space in the morning the first thing that greets me is 13 Lumens, 24 PCs, LOTS of items that need to be repaired or removed from campus and my TO-DO list. I always walk in a take about 30 seconds to stare at my daughter and my husband. This is my prayer time for peace throughout the day. Then I check emails and check my daily schedule to make modifications and adjustments. What I truly wish I seen in my lab is mobile devices. Technology is not just PCs or MACs. Tablets, Chromebooks, even cell phones are technology tools that students can implement in our Technology Lab.

As a connected educator, I am excited to begin to Flip the lab, where students and teachers can explore the world BEYOND the classroom, tech lab and our school. I know, many times we must use baby steps. (I have to this year) However, in time our Tech Lab will be a diversified technology lab for ALL devices!

So, what's your room, classroom, office, space look like? Are you a connected learner? If you could change what you see in your what ways would you?

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