7 Things You Don't Know About: Disney World (Florida)

#1: Disney World is the size of San Francisco.

#2: Admission to get in was only $3.50 on the first day.

#3: Dead people's ashes are everywhere.

No joke. For example, a girl whose mom, upon her death, wanted to be cremated and spread from the top of the Dumbo ride. This happens all the time. The park apparently even has a special vacuum for such occasions.

#4: It would take 68 years to stay in each of their hotel rooms for at least one day.

#5: The Cinderella Castle is practically empty. You'd think that there'd be beautiful furniture inside. Nope.

#6: EPCOT is an acronym; Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow.

#7: Over 200 pairs of sunglasses are lost and found in ONE DAY at Disney World.

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