Skills and Characteristics you need to work in the IT industry

Industry specific:

What technical knowledge might you need in an IT job? (e.g.If you were an App Designer, Games maker, Programmer, Social Media Strategist you would need programming skills, knowledge of particular software, and ability to work with code)

What technical knowledge might you need in the ICT industry?

ICT Industry :

  1. A thorough knowledge of operating systems, networking, hardware and software
  2. Excellent problem-solving skills
  3. The ability to explain problems and solutions clearly to non-technical users
  4. The ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  5. A patient and methodical approach
  6. The ability to work alone or as part of a team
  7. An awareness of health and safety.

What working procedures would you follow in an IT Job? (e.g. What rules and regulations do you need to make sure you are following?)

What working procedures would you follow in the ICT industry?

1) You have to follow the law if you are working in the ICT industry.

2) Behavior so that you get everything done without any troubles.

What Health and Safety issues might you come across? (E.g. Health...working at a computer / desk too long, eyesight, back issues, fire, trips and falls etc)

What health and safety issues might you come across in the ICT industry?

The issues are that when you're on a computer you could strain you eyes, hurt you're neck and head and could cause injury's to the wrist.


What Interpersonal skills will you need? (E.g. Following instructions, communicating / being sociable, working with others, meetings)

What Interpersonal skills will you need to be in the ICT industry?

1) Communication - You will need to be able to share your ideas with other game designers.

2) Motivation - You will need to be able to motivate others around you.

3) Co-ordination - You will need to be able to place characters in the right place on the game your creating.

4) Organisation - You have to be able to organize meetings with others and things toward the games.

5) Team player - You need to be able to work as a team in order to create the best game possible.

What planning skills will you need? (E.g. Being organised, meeting deadlines, breaking down tasks, team working)

What planning skills you would need to be in the ICT industry?

1) Meeting deadlines in order to get your app out in time.

2) Planning so that your app is the best it can possibly be.

3) Being organised so that you can meet deadlines.

4) Being able to multi-task so that things get done quicker and it saves more time.

What numeric skills will you need? (E.g. Basic Maths, Percentages, working with formulas)

The numeric skills that you will need to be able to work in the ICT industry are:

1) Function skills to perform tasks associated with a games designer such as problem solving to create computer programs and correct computer programming errors.

2) Creativity as a video game designer, you're responsible for creating a virtual world of strategy, intrigue and visual animation. As a result, you must have strong creative abilities to design games that are unique, visually appealing and thought-provoking.

What creativity skills will you need? (E.g. Brainstorming, Ideas creation, problem solving)

To work as a games designer in the ICT industry you will need?

1) Drawing skills so that you can plan your ideas out on paper before you start.

3) To be imaginative so you come up with lots of ideas that no one has ever thought about before.

4) Good with codes so that you can create programs and correct computer errors.


What attitudes will be preferred? (E.g determined, independent, integrity, tolerant, dependable, leadership, confidence, self-motivation)

What attitudes will be preferred in the ICT industry?

1) Calm so that you will always have a good idea to come up with.

2) Confidence so that you can perform and come up with a idea in any situation.

3) Responsibility so that everyone can trust you and they can rely on you to complete a task.

5) Hard - working so that you get everything done on a deadline and so that you commit to what you do.

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