The capital of our country is Reykjavik.

The first map is a physical map.

The second map is a political map.

Iceland's pop. is a whopping total of  319,575, as of 2012.

Iceland is one of the many countries in Europe. But it was Irish monks that first settled to this island in the 8th century, then raided and claimed by the Vikings in the 9th century. Demark then became claimer of the land in the 1530's. These ties were later broken in the 20th century and it became a free land. Iceland from there on is now the country we know it to be.

Iceland is a naturally cold zone being the tundra that it is. Iceland is home to Europe's largest glacier the Vatna glacier at 3,200 square miles. More than 95% of Iceland is using hydroelectricity.Such hearty crops as potatoes and turnips are grown outside, while cucumbers, tomatoes, and assorted vegetables are grown indoors in heated greenhouses. Most people live at the countryside because it is not a very lively.

Iceland has a democratic government. The president of Iceland is Olafur Ragnor Grimmson. The prime minister of Iceland is Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson. Iceland is not part of the European union.

Iceland has a gd per capita of $40,000. The unemployment rate is at 4.5%. They use Icelandic Konour as there type of currency. Fish and fish products 40%, aluminum, animal products, ferrosilicon, diatomite are the greatest exports. Machinery and equipment, petroleum products, foodstuffs, textiles are there major imports. Norway and Netherlands are the major import and export countries of Iceland.

Iceland celebrates these following holidays 1 January (New Year's Day); 17 April (Maundy Thursday); 18 April (Good Friday); 21 April (Easter Monday); 24 April (First Day of Summer); 1 May (Labour Day); 29 May (Ascension Day); 9 June (White Monday); 17 June (National Day); 4 August (Bank Holiday); 24*–26 December (Christmas); 31 December (New Year's Eve). The religion is split up into catholic Islam and the church of Iceland. The major language is Icelandic which is based off of old Norse. It is also loosely based off of farouse.

Iceland's education is Pre school 0-6 years of age. Compulsory school 1st and 2nd grade. Single  structure 6-16 years of age. Upper secondary school 16-20 years of age. They have a similar school system to ours. Kids stay in school for about 14-20 years of school.

Recreation in Iceland include Arbaejarlang a family friendly swimming pool. They have sports like fishing, biking, horseback riding and sight seeing. All these things can be found anywhere you go at Iceland. So as we all saw Iceland is very natural.

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