Juan Roman Riquelme

Born on January 24, 1978, age 35

Was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Height- 182 cm (6 ft)

Plays soccer, position midfielder, squad number 10

Strengths- His creativity is a 9.5, his passing is a 9, his shooting and vision is a 8.5, and his club royalty is a 7.5

Weaknesses- His discipline is a 6, speed and durability is a 5.5, and his diving and tackling is a 4.

Achievements- Champion of the intercontinental cup of soccer 2000, Champion of the cup Libertadores de America 2000, 2001, and the Champion Torneo Apertura 1998, 2000.

He decided to retire from soccer in 2012 but came out of retirement the year and returned to the Boca Juniors, presumably with the intention of scoring more golazos.

Trivia- He tried to retire eight times.

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