Do Not Unto Others

Confucianism Then and Today

My 5 fundamental facts

  • 1. Confucius created rules about loyalty and respect and if you followed these rules you could live peacefully.(Challen 22)
  • 2. Confucius wrote the rules he made in a book called the Analects.(Challen 22)
  • 3. The emperor Qin disagreed with Confucius’ ways and there was lots of violence, but the emperor Han or Liu Bang belied in Confucius’ ways.(Deady 24, 29)
  • 4. The people who believed in Confucius had different social classes just like India!(Schomp 36)
  • 5. Confucius’ main saying was “Do not unto others what you would not have them do unto you.”

The Truth of the Search

Ancient China demonstrates most and or all of the characteristics of civilization but in my research I really realized religion. Confucius was born into a rich family and as he grew older he realized the importance of knowledge and so he gained as much of it as he could.(Challen 22) As he grew older he realized a way to create peace and harmony. He said that if everybody was respectful and did as Confucius said then they would be happy.(Challen 22) Confucius’ religion really affected the way the government worked because the Qin dynasty did not agree with Confucius but the Han dynasty did. Confucius taught using quotes that are now used all over the world.(Deady 24, 29)