Typing Techniques

There are so many reasons to improve your typing skills. We will only cover a few in this digital flyer

Tip Number One


Proper posture is one of the most important parts of proper typing. If you do not sit in the right position, (shown above) you could permanently damage your spine.

Tip Number Two

Hand Placement

Your left hand should be at the ASDF keys,

Your right hand should be at the JKL keys,

Your thumbs should be at the space bar,

Your wrists should NEVER touch the keyboard

Tip Number Three

Your Wrists

Your wrists should be parallel to the keyboard.

It should NEVER touch the table.

This can cause problems with your wrists later on in life.

Tip Number Four

Speed Doesn't Matter!

Speed isn't always a good thing. It can lead to grammatical errors and typos.

Tip Number Five

Memorization is key

It will save you time if you don't have to look down at your keyboard every five seconds

Tip Number Six

Mom wasn't lying. If you sit too close to the screen, you'll damage your eye sight!

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