Chains Enrichment Activity 2
By: Ben Madrigal


Help the patriot cause! Help us fight against the king for our freedom! Help us fight for our liberties! We will not stop until we get our freedom from Britain! Britain and the King have done us wrong, and we will fight back for our liberties!

"I will fight for liberty till I die!!!"

This connects to the book Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson because more towards the beginning when Isabel had been bought by Mr. Lockton and gone off back to his home, Birmingham keeps pestering Lockton about how he is supporting the Patriot cause. (Bellingham is the type of person along with the patriots would go around putting up propaganda for his cause)  In reality, Lockton works for the king and the money that he's using to help the King is hidden in the false bottom of Mrs. Lockton's trunk for her clothes. "'Inspected?" She lifted her chin. "Those are my personal belongings. They will not be inspected by anyone. I do not permit it." (Page 28) This is where the Lockton's, Isabel and Ruth are on the wharf talking to bellingham who has ordered Madam Lockton's personal trunk searched and she fights to keep it protected. Later in the book Mr. Lockton and his friends are at his house and they have Isabel serving them. They go on to talk about how to help the king and eventually pull out the money. Isabel then sneaks away in the night to Curzon to report what Lockton is doing. She is helping the patriots cause so she can hopefully get to her freedom. This is how this propaganda poster connects to Chains.

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