Tang Empire

Location and Time

The Tang empire is located in ancient china and extend along the silk road because that is where armies are located.
this connected China to other cultures such as the Muslim and Byzantine empires. 

The Tang empire existed from around 559AD (after the Han Dynasty) to 990AD


During the Tang Dynasty many inventions made have contributed to life today. Gunpowder was made from dung and urine and used from mostly fireworks and celebrations.The Compass was discovered accidentally because of a magnetic spoon predicting game. Mechanical clocks  were made by using water as a power source. Also porcelain, the spinning wheel, and printing. One of the lesser know inventions was an earthquake detector.


The main religions at the time were Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism.  Any captors caught from war were turned Chinese. An interesting way the Chinese caught fish was with birds. the birds were tied around the neck and big fish were spit up by them to the fishermen. Religion, writing systems and the idea of great respect for all things transferred from  the Chinese to Japan and Korea. After the death of Tai-Tsung the golden age advanced in art and literature.

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